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Founded in 1958, Aviaid Metal Products is a full service contract manufacturing specialist that partners with customers to meet their fabricated she metal and machining needs. From early involvement in customer's product designs to just-in-time deliveries, Aviaid is committed to the highest level of service. In addition, Aviaid's ongoing commitment to lean manufacturing practices has lead to continued quality improvements, reduced lead times and manufacturing costs, and has allowed Aviaid to hold prices for five years.

Please explore our website. You will see the industries we do work for, various examples of the products we make, as well as the types of equipment we utilize in the process of creation.

Our products examples range from standard types of fabricated metal and machined products such as chassis, brackets, faceplates, and enclosures to the unusual such as specialty flyboxes, oil pans, pumps for racing, and retractable bayonets for movie stunts.

If you like what you see, please contact us. We would be pleased to discuss with you how Aviaid would fit into your next project.